Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outer Coastal Plain AVA (N.J.): 2010 Symposium Report

Dr. Gregory Jones during the "Climate Component of Terroir" Seminar.
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What: Wine Growing Symposium "Bordeaux-An Old World Terroir with Lessons for New Jersey"
Where: Rutgers-New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Bridgeton, N.J.
When: Sat., March 27, 2010
Why: To share information and discuss the latest research that points to similarities between the Outer Coastal Plain AVA of N.J. and areas of Bordeaux, France...

At the symposium last Saturday, several dozen growers, winemakers, students and enthusiasts eagerly soaked up the latest research to guide Outer Coastal Plain grape growers. The symposium hosted several experts, teachers and consultants who gave lectures concerning "terroir comparisons" between New Jersey and Bordeaux.

Judging from the information shared during the symposium, it seems pretty clear that growing Bordeaux varietals in N.J. can be sustainable and the wines crafted from them can certainly achieve high quality in well-chosen sites.

Confirmation of the quality potential for me came by way of the tasting table. I was pleasantly surprsied at the jump in quality I recognized from several new releases from N.J. wineries who are making wines with Bordeaux varietals.

Tasting Notes/Seminar Notes coming soon...

  • Optimizing New Jersey Viticulture for Quality Wine Production

    • Dr. Lawrence Coia

    • President and co-founder of Outer Coastal Plain Vineyard Association

    • Owner of Coia Vineyards (Vineland, N.J.)

  • The Concept of Terroir: What New Jersey Can Learn from Bordeaux

    • Dr. Kees van Leeuwen

    • Professor at University of Bordeaux

    • Consultant for Chateau Cheval Blanc

  • Similarities and Differences in the Regional Climate and Soil Characteristics of New Jersey and Bordeaux

    • Dr. Denyse Lemaire

    • Professor at Rowan University

    • President of American Association of Geographers

  • Climate Component of Terroir-Structure and Suitability for Sustainable Wine Production

    • Dr. Gregory Jones

    • Professor and Research Climatologist at Southern Oregon University

  • Crafting Bordeaux Style Wines in New Jersey

    • Dr. Catherine Peyrot des Gachons

    • Enologist and consultant

    • Ph.D. from University of Bordeaux 

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